Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thomas W Schaller : Artist

"A few years ago , a great artist asked me what I wanted to do with my life.  I told him I wanted to be a painter - a "real artist".  But then I proceeded to detail all the reasons I had constructed that seemed to make that dream impossible.  He listened politely to all my excuses and then said simply: "If you want to paint - just paint.  All the rest will take care of itself"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wouter Tulp Interview | Meet Your Mentor

The 5 Things that Helped my Career the Most
Words by Bobby Chiu. Written by Flynn Ringrose

Five main points. If you can do all five of these, you're going to have a great career. Before you can strengthen your career with these concepts to follow, though, there’s something that you need first: talent. You don’t have to be born with talent, but you do have to work hard at developing it. 

#1 - Have a Career Compass.

A lot of people when asked, will say that they have an idea of what their goal is. Maybe they want to work on a game or a movie, but they don’t have it narrowed down any further than that. Be very specific about your goals. What kind of movie do you want to work on? What kind of game? Get into the details. Once you have enough details, then you can use that goal as your ‘career compass’. Whatever moves you make, make sure that you think about your compass, and think if your next move is going to take you closer to your goal. My goal was to work on a Tim Burton movie so every job and painting I did was not based on how much it paid but instead on whether or not it was complementary to something I could see Tim Burton doing in one of his films. Read more....

Lost And Found

Just found one of my old sketches, it is possibly about 10 years old.
Not much has changed since then I guess :-)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Master Studies

Some of my master studies to improve the artistic vision)))
A bit ugly, but I like the process.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday!

Epic Games Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall recently set out to refine his manual drawing skills. While Warren is both highly technical and artistic, he felt the need to revisit the basics and learn more about perspective.

“Gotta grind those fundamentals,” he said. Voicing how making perspective grids by hand can be frustrating, he continued, “The programmer in me wanted to do something cooler. Enter Epic Friday!”

Warren describes the app he developed, Carapace, as “a simple program that lets you place vanishing points around an image placeholder to flesh out the shell of your drawing. Shell, carapace… Get it?”

Carapace enables users to place up to nine vanishing points or as few as one. One-, two and three-point perspective grids are possible along with some extras to accommodate any weird angles in a scene.

Here’s a video of Warren setting up a simple three-point grid: